Today’s house builders are customer focused making off-plan choices available to their buyers before they move in. We have grown with them over the decades and understand all aspects of the journey, helping you to deliver on time to happy new homeowners.

Whether it’s the basics of getting those floors covered in your selected carpets and vinyls or designing a beautiful show home interior, we’re here to help.

Talk to us

You may be new to the industry or a seasoned specifier, a major player or a small builder, a social sector provider – tell us what you need or lean on us for expert advice. 


Having the options narrowed down simplifies the final stages of completing the property with the correct floor coverings, on time.

If you haven’t already finalised your customers’ options we can advise on trends, suitability and budget. 

We have a vast library of domestic and contract flooring samples at hand to suit all design styles.

Show Homes

Beautiful interiors are what we are about.

Together with our design partner Yellow we can bring you inspiration through mood boards, detailed design, visuals and animation. We make product and accessory recommendations from our numerous manufacturers as part of the process.

Contact us for a free no obligation estimate or consultation.

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