We’ve extensive experience in sourcing a great range of flooring, furniture and soft furnishings to suit all environments – from luxury hotel bedrooms to public areas in bars, restaurants and other venues.

Are you running a pub, hotel, B&B or guest house, café or restaurant, conference venue or sports complex? As well as getting excellent value for money, you can be assured of our:

  • expertise in sourcing a range of contemporary and traditional styles
  • attention to detail and compliance with health and safety standards
  • high quality – we’re approved contractors (Hampshire County Council) and registered suppliers (New Forest District Council)
  • flexible installation options, including out-of-hours to avoid disrupting your guests

First impressions are always the ones that people remember. So whether you own a guest house or manage a 5 star hotel let the quality of the décor make that first lasting memory for the customers of their stay with you. Let our experience help guide you in choosing the best floor or wall coverings or create a comfortable seating area where your clients can relax and take in the atmosphere of the surroundings. We can help you decide the ideal combination of quality, durability and ease of maintenance to suit all budgets.

Our team will ensure that all the products supplied will conform to health and safety standards. We can offer flexible installations options including out of hours to avoid disrupting your business and go the extra mile to ensure your project is completed to schedule.

Contact us today to discuss your options and for a no obligation quote.

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