We’ve come a long way, Baby…


Remember the office of the ‘80s and ‘90s? Unless you were lucky enough to be a Barbie Doll, you may have been shoehorned into a white melamine cubicle with a chunky monitor pervading most of your desk space and a stack of Post-It Notes at hand. Perhaps the directors sat in their separate rooms with a solid cherry-wood executive desk and a green leather Chesterfield for visitors.


Fast forward to 2019 and the trends in modern office design feel clearer, lighter and fresher.


The Peter Green Commercial Team took a trip to London to check out some of our suppliers’ latest furniture and found a lot of fun, creativity and versatility for enhancing workspaces. Work booths are popular for dead spaces, desks that rise at a touch of a button encourage movement and accessories like adjustable monitor arms make hot-desking ergonomics easy. The clever use of muted and zingy accent colours with plain matt, textured wood or rich wood finishes give a sense of positive calm.


Not sure where to start with your newly happy space? Visit us in the Peter Green Commercial Department and we’ll show you how to treat your people to that Barbie and Ken experience.

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